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Fabia's Introduction (P.O.V)
Hi I'm Fabia Sheen I am 19 years old and I'm from planet Neathia. You may remember me from season 3 of Bakugan? Gundalian Invaders? The Neathian Princess? Mhm, yep that's me. I have also made special appearances in the first half of the 4th season as well. I'm queen of Neathia now, and I just recently graduated from high school and I want to go to college So I decided to sneak to Planet Earth to attend college. Reason being is because I don't want to be home-schooled and I don't want paparazzi following me while I'm attending school in Neathia, I'm so excited to start my first year in college and today is the day I move in with my first roommate, A great friend of mine, Shun Kazami. Yeah I know what you're thinking, "Shun? Really?" but I have no other options, Julie has a roommate and Marucho's parents charge me too much to stay with him, $1500 a month, like where the hell am I gonna afford that at? So it was either Shun or Dan and Dan is a slob hopefully Shun isn't the same. Well here goes nothing I've finally arrived to Earth here I am in the middle of I don't know where...
End of Introduction…

Fabia stood at the curb with her bags and suitcase in her hand. It's Friday 7:50 p.m. the roadways were lit bright She looked down the street to see if she seen Shun coming in his black 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, of course she knows how it looks she was there when he bought it a few years ago, still no sign of Shun anywhere.
"What are you doing ALL THE WAY out here?" Said a voice pulling up slowly in front of Fabia coming from the opposite direction she was looking.
"What the hell took you so long you were suppose to be here 30 minutes ago." Fabia said aggressively.
"Calm down your highness." The young man said stepping out the car to help her get her bags in the car. He was a 20 year old young man with golden brown eyes and shoulder length jet black hair with a few strands of hair hanging in the front of his head. He wore a green V-neck with a white folded collar button over it, khaki pants and brown boots. She pulled away.
"Don't call me that Shun you can just call me by my name you know." Fabia replied.
"Ok, but can I help you with your luggage?" He asked politely.
"No I don't need any help, thank you though." She said setting her bags in the trunk and closing it afterwards.
Shun looked at her and was about to open the passenger door for her but she got in the back seat.
" can sit in the front, Fabia." He said talking to her through the backseat window.
"I can but I don't want to...geez just take us home. I'm sorry but I'm really tired." She said with such irritation.
Shun slowly got in the car, started it up and drove off. Driving super fast down the road. Fabia held on the back door's handle. "WILL YOU SLOW DOWN SHUUUN!?"

24 minutes later
They pulled up to Shun's property he parked his car in the huge driveway which was a walking distance from the dojo. Fabia grabbed her things and walked with Shun to the dojo. Shun turned around and looked at her. He noticed her grunting and panting a bit. "So..."
"Ask me if I need help I'll kick you." She said panting silently.
"Geez." He said with a smirk on his face. She looked away slightly blushing.
They made it to the front door of his Dojo. Fabia dropped her bags and suitcase. "Finally we're here uuuugh my arms are killing me." She groaned.
"I did ask if you needed help." Shun said shrugging.
"And I did say I didn't need help. Didn't I? Ok then." Fabia said turning her nose up and grabbing her bags. "Now hurry and open the door Shun!."
Shun chuckled. "As you wish your highness." he unlocked the door and slid it open allowing to go in first before him.
"I told you to stop calling me that. I'm not on the throne." She replied placing her bags in the corner of the hall. "Can you tell me where my room will be?" She asked.
"Straight down the hall your room will be on the right. Or if you change your mind..." Shun said as he slowly came closer to her.
Fabia gasped and backed against the wall, while Shun leaned closer to her with one hand against the wall and his other hand slightly lifting her chin. "...My room is available." he said winking at her.
Fabia narrowed her eyes at him. "Or not." she said smacking his hand off her chin and pushing past him with her shoulder. Shun's smile faded quickly he watched as she went down the hall into her room, she then slammed her door and locked it. Without a word he turned away vanishing.
Fabia began unpacking her things, she looked around the room. "Wow...not bad for a ninja's home. I guess it won't be a problem staying here my college years. But I Shun enrolled in any college courses?" She looked at the closed door. "It wouldn't make sense for him to just be hanging here doing nothing..." Fabia heard a small growling noise she looked down at her stomach and rubbed it. "Man I am hungry." She quickly set up her room and left out to head to the kitchen for something to eat.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Tokyo, Japan (8:45pm)
"Excuse me! Ow! Sorry! May I please get through here!" Said a young woman who just arrived to Tokyo, Japan from Moscow, Russia. The young woman had beautiful curly bright orange hair that reached her middle back she wore a light blue puffy ankle length dress with a white cardigan and white flats to complete her outfit. The airport was so crowded she was squeezing through the crowd. People was bumping into her, pushing past her, as if she wasn't even there. She finally made it to the end of the reckless crowd but found her self tripping over a suitcase that was lying flat on the ground.
"Aaaah-" She screamed falling face first onto the floor.
"Oh my excuse me miss are you alright?" Said a young man approaching her.
The woman sat up slowly pulling out a napkin from her purse and wiping blood from her nose. "Owww...oh yes I am fine thank you." She answered politely.
The man held out his hand. "Please let me give you a hand." He offered with a friendly smile.
"Oh that won't be necessary but thank you." She said still sitting on her knees napkin held over her nose.
"Huh? Are you sure?" He asked steady trying to help her up.
"Yes...I'm fine...thank you." She said with a bit of irritation in her voice.
"But Miss..." He came closer placing his hand on her shoulder. She looked at the man quickly with a serious face expression, she slapped his hand off of her.
"I SAID I'M ALRIGHT NOW LEAVE ME ALONE OK?!" She said angrily causing the man to back away in fear. Then she got up dusting herself off and straightening her dress out.
She exited the building and stood outside and smiled brightly feeling the warm breeze admiring the beautiful stars in the sky. "Wow its been years since I have been here. I hope Dan and the others are doing great. I can't wait to see them again." She looked around for a taxi and saw one parked at the second entrance of the airport she ran to it waving her hand but as soon as she got almost close to it the taxi drove off. "NO PLEEEEEASE WAIT!" The woman said and stopped. "Nooo." she dropped her head and sighed. "I guess...I'll just have to walk to the nearest hotel." She said and began walking.

'So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames! You can tell me when it's over, If the heart was worth the pain. Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane, Cause you know I love the players and YOU LOVE THE GAME! Cause we're young and we're reckless-'
"MOM TURN THAT CRAP OFF I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK!" Shouted a 19 year old brown hair boy from upstairs. "PLEASE CUT IT OFF!"
"My apologies Dan but sweetheart I told you if you can't deal with what I do in my house then move out." Said his mom turning off the radio and continued to do her yoga on her yoga mat.
Dan growled under his breath and slammed his door. "Can't wait to get my own crib." Dan said flopping on his bed and stared up at the ceiling for about a good 5 minutes thinking hard about continuing to be a brawler, get a job, or go to school. He was actually thinking about doing all 3. He suddenly heard a horn beeping and some voices coming from outside. He sat up quickly and looked towards the window for quite a while trying to feed in on what was being said outside. He had a thing for being a nosey neighbor.
"Thank you so much Sharon for bringing Kami back." said one older woman's voice from Dan's window all the way across the street.
"Oh no problem at all Ann its the least I can do. She's grown up so fast I almost couldn't recognize her. Hahaha." said another older woman's voice.
"Yea she's 21 now she has been out of town to attend college," Dan ran to the window and squinted his eyes a bit to see a woman standing next to a lightly tanned girl with jet black hair her bang swooped to the side of her left eye with a jean romper on that fit nice and tight on her model shaped body she wore orange wedge heels to match the orange flower pattern design on her white mini short sleeved jacket. Dan's jaw dropped. 'Wow she is really beautiful.' he thought.
"But she's here for summer vacation." Said the woman next to her.
"That's great to hear, oh dear I have to go pick up my kids from daycare now I'll see ya around some time, bye!" the lady in the car said.
"Alright take care Sharon. Bye!" the lady next to the girl said as they both waved at the lady driving off they turned around and headed into the house. Dan kept his eyes on her until she disappeared in the house.
"Who is she? What was her name? Caury? Sammy? Kandi? Damn. I really want to meet her." Dan said in his head. He laid back down in his bed staring at the ceiling. Then he heard a knock at his room door. "What?" Dan said.
His mom entered the room. "Sweetheart I came to ask you something." She said sitting next to him on his bed.
"Yeah? What's up mom?" Dan asked looking up at her. Dan really respected and loved his mom even though he gets annoyed by her at times.
"How have you and Runo been doing? Have you called and checked on her lately?" She asked him.
"Mom I don't want to talk about Runo...not now anyways." Dan said rolling to his side facing the wall now.
His mom sighed well staying in your room all day isn't going to make matters any better. Maybe you need someone new in your life. It has been 2 years hasn't it? You know Ann from across the street? Her daughter just came in to town you should go meet her. But don't leave Runo hanging Dan, after all she is still your friend you two use to always play together at the park with Shun when you all were younger remember?"
Dan sighed. "Mom please leave."
His mom got up and stretched. "Ok well I will get started on dinner when is your meeting with the Brawlers?"
"Sunday at 8pm." Dan said.
"Ok hun I'll let you know when dinner is ready." She said leaving his room closing the door behind her.
Dan sighed and closed his eyes.

The Russian woman continued down the street. "Hmm this street doesn't look familiar." She said looking around. She walked past a comic book shop and saw two grown guys arguing over comic book characters.
"Dude Shadow the hedgehog is way better than Sonic. He's always kicking Sonic's ass." The first dude said.
"Really bro?! Shadow a pussy! He be attacking Sonic when Sonic ain't looking. Sonic can kick Shadow's ass he does all the time! The fuck you mean bruh?!" Then they suddenly started pushing each other.
She gasped and walked by quickly. She kept walking until she got to a Club called Kittenz. She looked at the bright pink lights and the picture of a sexy cat chick with pink lingerie and pink high heeled boots. She smiled happily and went inside the building but was suddenly stopped by a security. She gasped.
"How old are you lady?" Said the security.
"I'm 22 years old." She said with an innocent smile on her face.
"As you can see, the sign says '25 and older' so step off little lady come back in 3 years." He said and slammed the door in her face.
The young woman walked away slowly. "That was rude." She said silently and kept walking. Its been 1 hour and she was getting tired and weak. She soon came to a huge building called Hilton Tokyo. Her eyes dazzled in excitement "Oh my! So beautiful!" She exclaimed. She waited for the walking sign to change to walk to cross the street. She looked to the side of her to see a man standing next to her. "Excuse me sir."
He looked at her through the corner of his eyes.
"Have you been in that hotel before?" She asked with a friendly smile on her face.
"Hmmm yea I have...years ago...pretty nice place, very pricey. Enjoy your night miss." He said and crossed the street.
The woman looked at the building and crossed the street too. She went inside and stopped at the receptionist desk.
The receptionist looked at the woman while chewing on gum. "Can I help you?" She said with a screechy careless tone.
"Yes um how much will it cost for two nights here?" The woman asked nicely.
"Depends. Any guests? Do you smoke? Want a Jacuzzi?" The receptionist asked while typing something in the computer.
"Oh well uh, no guests I'm alone, I don't smoke and what's a Jacuzzi?" The young woman asked.
"A fancy hot tub..." The receptionist said.
"Oh then no thanks." She replied.
"Ok looks like you want the Queen Hotel good for one person that'll be $516" (62,492.76 yen) The receptionist said.
"Whoa but I only have $300 on my card." (36,338.70 yen) The woman told her.
"Well might I offer the one night deal for $258 instead?" (31,267.02 yen) The receptionist offered her.
The young woman sighed. "Ok I guess..."
"Perfect. First and last name please?" The receptionist asked.
"Alice Gehahbich." The woman replied.
"Ok go ahead and swipe your card."
Alice pulled out her card and swiped the card through the payment machine and received her receipt.
"You are all set here is your key card and you are on the 5th floor room 514. Enjoy your night?" The receptionist said.
Alice smiled and went where she was directed. As she was heading to the elevators she saw a spa with a lot of women walking around in teeny bikinis and short towels. Alice peeped around the corner blushing. "Whoa." She silently said. A security officer came by and noticed the woman peeking in the spa room.
"Excuse me miss? Are you looking for someone?" He asked her.
Alice looked up and stepped away from the Spa room. "Oh no I was just taking sight of the room it looks nice in there." She said and went to the elevators. The security guard shook his head slowly.
She finally made it to the 5th floor and found her room. She took out her key card and placed it to the sensor, her door opened. Alice entered the room and was amazed by the wonderful sight of the place. "Wow this is amazing I love it." She said closing the door and flopped on the bed. She slowly closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Shun's Home...
Shun sat on the rooftop of his dojo with his eyes closed meditating. The moon shined brightly on his jet black hair. His silence was interrupted by a feminine voice.
He slowly open up his eyes to see Fabia below standing by a tree looking around for him. He said nothing and just continued to look at her.
"Where the heck did he go?" Fabia said scratching her head. She looked left and right and still no sign of Shun. She sighed. "I wonder where he could've went this late at night." She said and turned around getting ready to head back in. She then looked up to the roof and gasped shockingly holding her hand to her heart.
Shun, still looking at her, lifted an eyebrow. "Am I that ugly?" He said frowning slightly.
"Noo of course not Shun. You surprised me I forgot how...weird you are." Fabia said. "Anyways I need your help." She said turning her face away.
Shun continued to look at her.
Bakugan: Two Worlds.
Is currently in progress I finished the first chapter. (Just want to say I LOVE FABIA) This is only part of my story if you would like to read the rest of this chapter please visit:…
Tell me what you think so far? :happybounce: :happybounce: La la la la 


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